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Automatically Check In Appointments

During the creation of a new appointment, you have the option to set the appointment status to 'Checked-In' concurrently. In this article, we will look at how this flow works.

Things to Know:

  • When adding clients to the waitlist, the option for "Check-in Now" will not be visible on the appointment modal.
  • When generating recurring appointments and opting for the "check-in now" feature, only the initial recurring appointment will be automatically checked in. For subsequent appointments within the recurrence, manual check-in can be performed each time the client arrives
  • Appointments not linked to a ticket will present the "Create Ticket" button in the appointment modal, whereas appointments associated with a ticket will show the option "View Ticket."

Automatically Check In Appointments

  1. Navigate to the Scheduler
  2. Filter by the specific location
  3. Click the 'New Appointment' button located below the calendar on the left-hand side or directly on a specific time slot in the Schedule  check in.png
  4. When the appointment modal opens, input relevant information such as client details, pet information, family member details, staff, and selected service
  5. Locate the "Check-In Now" option under the date and time section appt.png
  6. Switch the toggle to the 'on' position appt.png
  7. Save

The Scheduler will now display the appointment as Checked -In.

appt 3.png


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