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Viewing Loyalty Points Earned

Loyalty points earned from transactions can be accessed in various ways. This article will discuss how clients can view their accrued points and where businesses can also access this information.

Things to know:

  • Clients have the ability to instantly view the points they've accrued during checkout, as well as through their account on the booking widget. Additionally, they can access their point balance post-purchase, which will be reflected on both printed and electronic receipts
  • Clients will earn points for all family member or pet purchases
  • Points cannot be accumulated for events or items paid for using a gift card
  • Points are earned based on the amount spent before taxes and tips are applied

Viewing Loyalty Points

You can view loyalty points earned by the client from various places:

Client Profile

Close Tickets

Client Viewing Loyalty Points

Online Booking Widget > Checking Out

  1. Navigate to your booking widget
  2. Complete a booking

On the confirmation page, the client will be able to view the points just earned from that booking.


Clients can also access additional information about the loyalty program by clicking on the "Learn More About Loyalty Points" link. This action will prompt a pop-up window to appear, providing further details.


Account Settings > Loyalty Program

Clients have the option to access their loyalty points via the account settings.


Loyalty points become visible on the checkout page once they are redeemable. Clients can utilize these points by clicking on the "Apply XXX Loyalty Points" link.

The points displayed on the checkout page will be determined by both the available amount and the cost of the purchase.

Printed Receipt

Emailed Receipt                       


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