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Updating Products via Zip File

Updating products using the import option on the inventory page can make bulk adjustments to your inventory easier. There are two ways to use the "Import" option and in this article, we will walk through the steps of using the import option that gives you the zip file format. 

Things to know:

  • To use the zip file format, first, you need to enable the setting, "Allow exporting inventory for all locations in ingest data format
  • You may also update your products using Inventory Spreadsheet or it can be done Manually.
  • When importing, you can import individual CSV files or zipped folders with multiple CSV files

To update products:

  1. Once the setting is enabled, navigate to POS > Inventory
  2. Select the Export link at the bottom right of the page
  3. The inventory will be exported in a zip file, click to open
  4. The data will be displayed in an ingest data folder
  5. Click to open the file you will adjust and follow the steps to update and create the ingest file:
    • To update the product's price, learn more here
    • To update the product's name, brand and category, learn more here
  6. Once the ingest file is ready to be ingested, navigate back to Inventory
  7. Select the Import link at the bottom right of the page
  8. On the Import Inventory page, read the instructions and then click "Upload File Here"
  9. Select the zip file from the file manager > Select "Import" on the Import Inventory page
  10. You will be directed to the Ingest Data Processed Batches page 
  11. Refresh until the status of the batch changes to "Finished"
  12. Navigate to Inventory once more to view the updates


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