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Membership Cancellations Report

The Membership Cancellations report shows membership cancellations based on the date of termination. The report will only be reflected if the membership cancellation reason setting is enabled. Learn more about membership cancellation reasons here

To access this report:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard
  2. Select the Reports tab
  3. Under the Clients section, select the Membership Cancellations report

When the report loads, you can filter by a specific location and date. You have the option to export the report as a CSV, PDF, or print version. 

Report Filters

Filter Description
Location The location where the membership was purchased
Date The date the membership termination was requested

Report Columns

Column Description
Location The location where the membership was purchased
Termination Date The date the membership was terminated
Client  The name of the client that purchased the membership
Membership  The name of the membership 
Status The status of the membership
Cancellation Reason The cancellation reason that was selected when canceling the membership
Canceled By The staff member that canceled the membership
Date of Request The date that the termination of the membership was requested


For more information contact us at support@mytime.com.  


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