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Importing Staff Schedules

Instead of entering your staff members' schedules manually each time, you can import them by clicking the Import Schedule link on the custom hours interface. In this article, we will walk through the steps of importing staff schedules.

To import staff schedules:

  1. Navigate to your appointment schedule
  2. On the left sidebar, you will see the Hours button. If you want you can also filter the schedule by Day View > Select any staff then click on the Edit Availability option.
  3. Select the Import Schedule link  16442863-7a35fbfe71aa418731c56762f2c4d054.png
  4. Here you can view the instructions pdf and download the spreadsheet 16442901-5089e74174cacd238c2d065613110070.png
  5. How to complete the spreadsheet:
    • Enter (or paste) each staff schedule, starting on Row 3. Row 2 is just an example to help
      you out, but won't be imported.
    • How to specify a day's schedule:
      - Specify a time range e.g., 9:30am - 5:00pm
      - Format the times in the time range e.g., HH:MM (09:30) or H:MM (9:30)
      - Use a "-" between the times with a space on either side
      - Add "am" or "pm" after each time
      - Enter split schedules with semicolon e.g., 9am - 12pm; 1pm - 4pm
      - Enter "OFF" to indicate the staff member has the day off
    • You may simply leave it blank if you don't want to import the data for specific days
    • Please do NOT:
      • Add/edit/remove the staff members or it won't import properly
      • Change the date format in the header or it won't import properly
  6. After completing the spreadsheet, upload the file
  7. Once uploaded, your availability will be updated with the scheduled hours that you imported

Custom hours should not be used for time-tracking purposes. You should use the Time Tracking Report which can be found by going to Dashboard > Reports > Staff > Time Tracking.   


For more information contact us at support@mytime.com.            



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