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Online Booking Interval by Staff Members

Setting booking intervals for each staff member offers the advantage of increasing your staff members utilization. In this article, we will walk through how to configure online booking interval per staff member. 

Things to know:  

  • This feature only applies to online bookings. It does not apply to in-store bookings.
  • Booking intervals are in 5-minute increments ranging from 5 to 120 minutes.
  • Online booking intervals are not service-specific. This means that the interval configured will apply online regardless of the service selected.
  • The company's online booking interval will be used if a staff member doesn't have a custom online booking interval defined
  • If the "Anyone" option is selected, all available times, which is a combination of all staff members' availability, will be displayed 
  • The custom online booking interval of a staff member has no bearing on the service duration. For example, if the client selects a service with a duration of 1 hour but the online booking interval of the staff member is 30 minutes, the interval displayed online will be 30 minutes (7:00 am, 7:30 am, 8:00 am, etc.) but the service duration will remain as 1 hour and block off 1 hour on the staff member's schedule. 
  • Multi-staff appointments are excluded from the custom booking interval 
  • You can reset the staff's booking interval by selecting Company Online Booking Interval in the drop-down

Enable Online Booking Interval Per Staff Member Setting 

To enable online booking per staff member:

  1. Go to Business Setup > Settings
  2. Locate the Online Bookings section
  3. Toggle the "Allow customizing online booking interval per staff member" setting to YES custom interval.png
  4. Save

Set Custom Booking Interval Per Staff Member

To set a custom booking interval for a staff member:

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Staff and Availability
  2. Filter by the desired location
  3. Select the staff member for whom you want to modify the booking interval. Staff___Availability.png
  4. Locate the booking interval setting and expand the drop-down menu image (2).png
  5. Select the interval of your choice
  6. Save

On the booking widget, your clients will see the configured interval when they choose this particular staff member. In this example, the interval selected is 30 minutes.


  • Company Setting - 30 min & 1 hr
  • Jenna Lee - 25 minutes custom booking interval 
  • Alexis T - no custom booking interval 

If a client chooses Jenna Lee in the aforementioned scenario, a 25-minute interval will be displayed. But if the client chooses Alexis, the interval presented will be 30 minutes, as defined by the company setting.

Jenna Lee






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