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Shopify Integration - Inventory Sync

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that enables you to create an online store where you can sell your products. In this article, you will learn about the configurations needed to keep inventory between MyTime and your Shopify store in real-time sync without the need for manual intervention.  

Things to know:

  1. You must have an active Shopify plan. Learn more about Shopify plans here
  2. Shopify Integration is controlled by a hidden setting that only the MyTime team can enable. To enable the hidden setting, please contact our Support Team at support@mytime.com.
  3. The SKU number is the only thing that connects Shopify and MyTime products. The product name, SKU name, or any other information about the product does not constitute a link between the items. 
  4. Once the Shopify configuration is completed, here's how the inventory sync works:
    • When a product is purchased in MyTime's POS, the quantity will be updated in MyTime and Shopify
    • When a product is purchased from the Shopify online store, the quantity will be updated in MyTime and Shopify
    • When you manually alter a product's inventory on MyTime, the quantity will be updated in MyTime and Shopify


Authorize MyTime App on Shopify Store

To authorize MyTime app on Shopify store: 

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Settings
  2. Select the Partners Integration tab Business-Settings__11_.png
  3. Follow the instructions listed on the page
  4. Once you have generated an access token, you'll need to add the following on MyTime:
    • Shopify Shop URL - The Store URL is derived from the name of your company. Every Shopify Store URL starts with https:// and concludes with.shopify.com. If your company name is MyTime Salon, for example, your Shopify store URL will be https://mytimesalon.shopify.com.
    • Control Panel Access Token
    • API Key
    • API Secret Key                        Business-Settings__12_.png
  5. Select the Start Sync button 
  6. Connect a MyTime location with a Shopify location. You cannot connect the same location more than once.  Business-Settings__13_.png
  7. Click Save on the modal and the main Settings page

Define SKUs on MyTime and Shopify

  1. On MyTime, navigate to POS > Inventory  
  2. Click +Add Product button at the bottom-right corner of the page Inventory-MyTime__2_.png
  3. Create a new SKU AND SKU#  Inventory-MyTime__3_.png
  4. Click Save when you have added all the new product details
  5. Add your cost, price, quantity 
  6. Save
  7. Login to your Shopify store
  8. Select Products from the left panel                                                           mytimesync-_-Home-_-Shopify.png 
  9. Select Add Product button to manually add each product    mytimesync-_-Products-_-Shopify__1_.png    
  10. Ensure the following information is added:
    • Title - Enter the product name
    • Pricing - Price the client will pay for the product
    • Quantity - Current retail stock
  11. Scroll down and check the box "This product has an SKU or barcode" and assign the product the same SKU # as the one in MyTime. The SKU# in MyTime and the SKU in Shopify MUST be the same       mytimesync-_-Products-_-New-_-Shopify__1_.png
  12. Save

Refresh Products & Push Quantities

Once you've added all of your products to MyTime and Shopify, you'll need to refresh the products and push the quantities to initiate the sync. This can be accomplished by:

  1. Logging into your MyTime account
  2. Navigate to Business Setup > Settings
  3. Select the Partners Integration tab
  4. Expand the arrow Business-Settings__17_.png
  5. Select the Refresh Quantities hyperlink
  6. Then the Push Quantities hyperlink  Business-Settings__18_.png
  7. Save

Congratulations on successfully configuring the Shopify Integration (Inventory Sync). 


If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team at support@mytime.com. 

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