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Automated Flash Sale

The automated flash sale feature is an excellent tool for filling upcoming unfilled slots in your schedule by providing a discount. In this article we will walk through how to configure automated flash sale. 

Things to Know:

  • The discount is only valid for online bookings, it does not apply to appointments booked in-store
  • Existing appointments are not eligible for the discount. Only appointments scheduled after the sale was configured
  • The automated marketing message will exclude clients with:
    • Upcoming appointments and past appointments in the last 14 days
    • Received the flash sale email, SMS or push notification in the last 14 days
  • Unfilled slots will be determined for each location within the child company, and the message will be sent only to locations that meet the unfilled slot criteria
  • If a client is associated with multiple locations, they will only receive one notification throughout an X-day cycle

Configuring Flash Sales Template

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Automated Messages
  2. Under the Marketing tab, locate the Automate Flash Sale template under the Sale section
  3. Hover over the template and select View to edit the template and Activate to enable the template
  4.  After clicking view, you can edit the following:
    • Send if [X] % unfilled or more, for each day - Unfilled % is calculated as the ratio of unbooked minutes to total minutes scheduled across all staff members for one day. This allows you to choose what percentage of your schedule has to be unfilled for the flash sale message to be sent
    • Between [X] day(s), and [X] day(s) from today - Unfilled % is calculated for each of the days specified in the window. A flash sale is triggered for the specific days where it is above the % specified above. This allows you to set your preference for when to send the flash sale message
      • For example, if today is Monday, and you set the flash sale message to "Send if to 50% unfilled or more and Between to 2 and 4 days from today" then the promotional slots will be for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and the flash sale message will be sent for those available days
    • Discount of [$/%] [Value] off - Discount will be available to all clients who booked through the booking widget or the guest app and not just the client who received this flash sale message. This allows you to set the discount for the promotion whether a value or percentage off
    • Applies to - This allows you to choose individual services or all services that the promotion should apply to
    • Delivery by - Choose the method of delivery - email, text message, or push notification. If the method selected is not available for a client, we will try other available methods even if it was not selected. For instance, if you select email as the delivery method but the client does not have an email address on file, we will send the notification via text message.
      • Email - The client must have a valid email address on file and be opted in to receive marketing emails

      • Text Message - The client must have a valid mobile number on file and be opted in to receive marketing SMS

      • Push Notification - The client must have the Custom Guest App installed on their mobile device

    • Reply-to Name - Name of the business that appears when your clients reply to an automated email. We will use the business name that was added to the business profile page

    • Subject - The subject of the flash sale message that will be displayed when clients receive it 
  5. Edit the body of the template to your preference flash sale template.png
  6. Click on the promotional discount hyperlink to add the promotional discount value 
  7. Click Save
  8. You will then be directed to the Text and Push Message tab to edit that template as well
  9. When you are finished editing the templates, select Save at the bottom

When this automated flash sale message is sent to your clients, this is what they will see:



Booking Widget


flash sale.png



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