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Client Search

In this article, we'll walk through how to search for clients in MyTime.  

Things to know:

  • You can search for clients by their name, email address, or phone number
  • When searching for a client in the appointment modal, POS, or clients tab, we prioritize clients associated with the selected location. As a result, clients matching the associated location will be shown first.
  • The client's associated location will appear in the search results below their contact information
  • The "View Clients" access control determines which clients appear in the list
  • For businesses with lengthy client lists, the default search limit will display the first 15 possible matches for your search however you can increase that display limit to 30. This is controlled by a hidden setting that only the MyTime team can enable. To enable the hidden setting, please contact our Support Team at support@mytime.com.

Searching for Clients from the Client Tab

  1. Navigate to the Client's tab
  2. Filter by the desired location
  3. At the top right-hand corner of the page, locate the "Search Clients" search bar mceclip0.png
  4. Enter the client's name to view a list of matches mceclip0.png

Searching for Clients from the Appointment Modal

  1. Navigate to the Schedule 
  2. Click on the ‘New Appointment’ button below the calendar on the left-hand side of the Schedule or on a specific time slot directly in the schedule    mceclip3.png
  3. Once the modal opens, search for the client's name in the client field  mceclip4.png

Searching for Clients in POS

  1. Navigate to POS < New Ticket
  2. On the new ticket, search for your client in the search bar mceclip0.png


For more information contact us at support@mytime.com.            





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