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Updating Product Price using Ingest Data

In this article, we'll walk through the steps on how to update inventory product prices using ingest data. 

Things to know: 

  • Your sku_id can be found on the product UI if you enable the hidden setting to have all the SKUs become the SKU #.  This hidden setting can only be activated by the MyTime team. To enable the hidden setting, please contact our Support Team at support@mytime.com.
  • You can create your location_id by navigating to Business Setup> Business Profile> Edit locations > Store ID                                          

To update product price via ingest data:

  1. First, export your inventory by clicking "Export" at the bottom of the page  
  2. The export will be downloaded in a zip file format and can be located at the bottom of the page                                                         
  3. Click to open the file and locate the following 3 spreadsheets or create and rename them:
    • inventory_stocks - This sheet should include:
      • sku_id
      • location_id
      • price
      • cost
    • inventory_manifest -This sheet should include:
      • inventory_stocks.csv
      • type - stocks                                                   mceclip0.png
    • batch_manifest - This sheet should include the folder's name with the CSV sheets to be uploaded and the type (Please note that including the batch manifest is optional)mceclip4.png
  4. Download the Excel sheets as a CSV file
  5. Go to your download folder and create a new folder called "inventory"
  6. Cut and paste the inventory_stocks.csv and the inventory_manifest.csv sheets into the "inventory" folder
  7. Create your zip file:
    • From your download folder, highlight the "inventory" folder and the batch manifest sheet or right-click on the folder only
    • Right-click one of the files and click "Add to Archive" or "Compress" depending on your device                                                                                        zip_file.png
    • When the Archive Name and Parameter dialog box appears, change the archive format to "zip" and rename the archive to inventory_(date).zipmceclip5.png
    • Click OK
  8. Login to your MyTime account 
  9. Click the arrow beside your name in the top right corner to see the Ingest Data option           ingest_data_1.png
  10. The page will be redirected to the Processed Batches page > Click the Upload File button                                                 ingest_data.png
  11. Choose the zip file that you have saved on your computer then click Open - You will not see your file's name anywhere, and it will not import until you click the Import File button  
  12. The file will appear below once it has successfully begun to ingest ingest_data_3.png
  13. Once the file has begun to ingest successfully, the file will appear belowingest_data_4.png
  14. Once completed, the file will be assigned an end time and the status will be changed to Finished

Congrats you have successfully changed your product prices using Ingest Data. You can navigate to POS > Inventory to view the changes. 


For more information contact us at support@mytime.com.        

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