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Guest App Overview

The guest app is a mobile application enabling your clients to schedule appointments or classes, perform self-check-ins for appointments, acquire memberships, packages, or gift cards, and manage their booking history. This article will explore the various features of the guest app and provide an overview of what your clients will encounter.

Things to know:

  1. The guest app incurs a fee and is managed through a hidden setting. To activate the guest app, kindly reach out to our support team at support@mytime.com.
  2. The guest app is accessible on both Android and iOS devices


Home Page

The home page will display the account icon along with the buttons and navigation icons that you have added for your client.                                                                                mceclip0.png


Here are the actions associated with each button on the home page:

  • Appointment Booking: Click to schedule an appointment.
  • View Class Schedule: Click to see the schedule for classes and events
  • Walk-In Waitlist: Click to add yourself to the waitlist
  • Purchase Gift Cards: Click to buy gift cards
  • Purchase Packages: Click to purchase packages
  • Purchase Memberships: Click to acquire memberships
  • About: Click to access an overview of the company

Navigation Icons

Here are the functions of each navigation icon:

  • Home: Redirects to the home page
  • Locations: Redirects to the location page for selecting the preferred location
  • Bookings: Redirects to the booking page to view past and upcoming appointments
  • Messages: Redirects to view the messages exchanged between you and the business

My Account

The icon located in the top right-hand corner directs you to the "My Account" page. On this page, your clients have the option to log in by entering their credentials or to continue using Facebook for authentication.   


Your clients will see their account information once they log in



Here's a breakdown of the different sections on the "My Account" page:

  • Heading: Displays a circle with the client's initials, their name, and the year they became a client with the business

  • Account Management: Shows the heading and an "Activities" tab. This tab displays the membership, package, and gift card information

  • Membership: This section exhibits all memberships the client has ever purchased, irrespective of their status. Clicking "View Details" directs you to the membership details. At the bottom of the page, you can purchase additional memberships by clicking the "Buy Another Membership" button. This section is accessible only if memberships are activated for the business and enabled from the widget setup.


  • Packages: This section encompasses all packages bought by the client. Clicking "View Details" reveals the package's details, including the remaining credits. At the bottom of the page, you have the option to purchase additional packages by clicking the "Buy Another Package" button. This section is accessible only if enabled from the widget setup.


  • Gift Cards: This section showcases all gift cards received and purchased by the client, along with the remaining balance. If a gift card was purchased at franchise A, it will be visible when signed in to the widget of any connected franchise under the parent account for accounts on global databases. At the bottom of the page, you have the option to purchase additional gift cards by clicking the "Buy Another Gift Card" button.


  • Account: This section presents personal information like the client's name, email, phone number, address, and login details. Clients can modify their email address, reset their password, and add or edit addresses at any time. For pet businesses, clients can manage their pet profiles here, editing or deleting existing pet data and adding new pets. Note that custom fields and pet notes will not be visible in this section.                                  


  • Notification: This section exhibits the client's preferences for transactional and marketing notifications. Here, clients can specify their preferences regarding the types of notifications they wish to receive.                                                                                                                                 mceclip14.png                                                                 


On the "Pick a Location" page, all business locations are displayed (if there are multiple). The location closest to the client is positioned at the top. Clients can select their preferred location, which subsequently directs them to the booking page.                                                                     mceclip1.png


The bookings page will present a comprehensive view of both past and upcoming appointments and classes. Each entry will include the date and time of the appointment, the appointment status, and the name of the corresponding service or class.                                                                                  mceclip15.png


The message section will showcase the conversation history between you and the business, organized by location. Clicking on a specific message will reveal the entire message trail, particularly useful if communication has occurred with multiple locations.



For more information, contact us at support@mytime.com.            

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