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Booking Appointments via the Guest App

In this article, we'll outline the steps your clients need to follow to book an appointment using your guest app.

  1. Clients must download the guest app from either the Google Play Store (for Android users) or the Apple Store (for iOS users)
  2. Upon downloading, navigate to the home screen and tap on the account icon located in the top right corner                                                                                   mceclip0.png                                      
  3. On the sign-in page, clients can either log in using their MyTime consumer credentials sign in using Facebook                                                                                                   mceclip1.png
  4. Upon signing in, clients will be directed to the My Account page, providing them access to view and manage their account details                                               mceclip2.png
  5. To initiate the appointment booking process, clients need to tap on the "Booking" icon located at the bottom of the screen. This action will direct them to the booking page
  6. Click "Book Now"                                                                  mceclip3.png
  7. Select the desired location (if the account has multiple locations) mceclip4.png
  8. Click "Book Appointment"                                                 mceclip5.png
  9. Clients have the flexibility to scroll through the available services or streamline their search by using the filter option, allowing them to narrow down their selection based on a specific staff member or service category
  10. Clients should choose the "Book" option next to the desired service to proceed with the appointment booking                                                            mceclip6.png
  11. For additional services, clients can click on the "Add another service" link. To move forward and choose a date and time, they should then select "Time."    mceclip7.png
  12. Choose a date and time                                                       mceclip8.png
  13. Proceed to the checkout page, complete the intake form, enter your credit card information (if necessary), and complete the booking                              mceclip9.png
  14. The booking confirmation page will appear                                       mceclip11.png

Once the appointment is booked, the client can:

  • To book another appointment for the same service, use the Book Again button to navigate to the Time Picker 
  • Add the booked appointment to your personal Google, Outlook, or Apple calendar.    mceclip14.png                     
  • To obtain directions to the business, clients can utilize the "Get Directions" linkmceclip16.png


For more information contact us at support@mytime.com.            




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