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Exporting Global Inventory without a Location

By exporting global inventory without a location, you can get complete inventory data, including external IDs. This enables you to use the Ingest feature to update and reload the data into MyTime. 

Things to know:

  • When the export times out (takes more than 60 seconds to download), the export is sent in an email to the logged-in user's email address


  1. Navigate to Business Set > Settings
  2. Under POS settings, locate the setting "Allow exporting inventory for all locations in ingest data format "
  3. Toggle to "Yes"
  4. Save changes

When this setting is activated, the import button on your inventory page will no longer be available and the export button when selected will provide all inventory from all locations. The format exported can be used with the Ingest Data feature.

Once you click the 'Export' button, the inventory from all locations will be exported in a zip file format mceclip0.png

When you open the downloaded zip file, it will show you all of the .csv files that need to be updated.mceclip1.png

After making the necessary changes to the files, you can import the data using Ingest.

For more information contact us at support@mytime.com.    



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