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Signatures on Credit Card Transactions

In this article, we'll go over how to capture signatures for credit card transactions on the app and the web.  

Tap To Pay (NFC) or Chip (EMV) Transactions

Visa is the most strict as it relates to chargebacks, disputes, and overall transaction regulations. Therefore it is industry standard to abide by the rules Visa sets. In regards to signature capture, when transactions are NFC (Tap To Pay) or EMV (Chip) the card issuers do not require a signature to be captured. Here is information from Visa about a signature no longer being required.

A signature is no longer considered compelling evidence to dispute a chargeback. This is why the terminal is not asking for a signature. On the other hand for card not present or key-in transactions, a signature is required, see below for more information about that. 

Card-not-present/Key-in Transactions/Card on File 

For card not present, key-in, or when the magstripe is used on the card a signature is required.

When using the MyTime iOS app all you need to do is switch Require Signature to ON (see screenshot below). This will capture your signature from your iPad touchscreen. There is no option to capture the signature from the terminal touchscreen or the terminal receipt.


When clients sign using the MyTime iOS app their signature is electronically stored in MyTime. To access their e-signature you simply need to locate their ticket. You can find their ticket in the POS tab, then click history in the upper-left of the screen. You can also locate a ticket in the Clients tab, then search for your client, click on their ticket, and click print receipt.

Web App:
When using the MyTime web app (Safari, Chrome, or any web browser) the signature capture is a little different. The card terminal is where the signature will be captured. When a card is EMV(Chip) or NFC(Tap to Pay), per card brand rules a signature is not required, therefore the terminal will not ask for a signature. If the transaction is key-in or card-on-file, the terminal will automatically ask for a tip (if enabled) and then a signature. 

After the payment is tendered, you may print a receipt and request the customer to sign it. Store the signed receipt in your records.



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