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Upgrading or Downgrading Memberships

Memberships can be downgraded or upgraded from one template to another, eliminating the need to cancel the prior membership before beginning a new one. This can be done by editing the client's membership on the client profiles. In this article, we will walk through the steps on how to upgrade/downgrade your client's memberships.  

Things to know:

  • This feature is controlled by a hidden setting that only the MyTime team can enable. To enable the hidden setting, please contact our Support Team at support@mytime.com.
  • This feature is only applicable to memberships with an indefinite contract term and a monthly billing cycle for local and global memberships. 
  • When a membership is upgraded or downgraded, the new benefits and price takes effect on the subsequent charge date, so the current membership stays active until the next billing date.
  • The new membership will inherit the current membership's purchase location and settings, such as locations where the benefits are applicable, auto renew, and so on.
  • Upgrading/downgrading a membership will not impact new member/existing member counts in reports or count as a cancellation.
  • If a change is pending, the ability to upgrade and downgrade a membership will not be displayed on a client's profile.
  • When a custom charge date is applied to a current membership and that membership is upgraded or downgraded, the custom charge date will apply to the new membership. For example, a client purchased a Volume Membership on 01/12/23. A custom charge date of 04/15/23 was set. The client then decided to upgrade to Elite Membership on 04/06/2023, the Elite Membership next charge date will be 04/15/23.
  • When a membership is upgraded or downgraded from one template to another, the credit buckets can be consolidated if the credits apply to the same items. This merge will be reflected in the membership credit audit trail as "#[number] Service and Product Credit Merged" in the "Applicable For" column.
  • For family members or pet businesses, upgrading or downgrading from memberships designated for individual family members or pets to memberships covering all family members or pets, and vice versa, will not be allowed. There will be an error message displayed: It is not possible to upgrade/downgrade between family and individual memberships."

To upgrade or downgrade an existing client's membership: 

  1. Navigate to the Client tab
  2. Locate the desired client 
  3. On the client's profile, scroll down to the Memberships section
  4. Expand the arrow on the right next to the membership status
  5. Select the "Edit Membership" button
  6. Click "Change" next to the membership's name at the top of the "Edit Membership" modal
  7. Select the new membership from the list (this list will only include indefinite memberships)
  8. Save                                          
  9. A confirmation message will appear with the changes made and the start date for the new membership                                                       
  10. Click Close                                                       
  11. Save the "Edit Membership" modal to be redirected to the client's profile

The membership upgrade/downgrade can be canceled before it takes effect, as long as it is done before the next charge date. Simply click the "Cancel" link next to "Changing to: "New Membership" to cancel the change                       



For more information contact us at support@mytime.com.            






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