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Scheduler Appointment Count & Resource Capacity

With MyTime, you can observe and monitor appointment statuses by staff members and resource capacity directly on the scheduler. This feature enhances the effective management and tracking of both appointments and resources. In this article, we will discuss how to display the appointment count by status and the resource capacity on the scheduler.

Things to know:

  • The count of appointments based on their status is visible exclusively in the agenda and day views on MyTime's scheduler. This information is not displayed in the week, month, or split views.
  • Appointments that are in a pending state or have been marked as no-shows are not included in the count for booked/arriving, checked-in, or completed appointments. The tally for these statuses only includes appointments that are actively booked and arriving, checked in, or successfully completed.
  • When a pending appointment is accepted, it is transitioned to a booked status, and it is then counted toward the booked status count.
  • Confirmed appointments are considered booked appointments, and they will be included in the booked status count.
  • Each day of a multi-day appointment is treated as a separate occurrence. Therefore, multi-day appointments are counted individually for each day within the specified duration.
  • The "Checking Out" status operates similarly to the Scheduler filter "Checking Out Today." While the Scheduler filter hides appointments that are not in the process of checking out on a particular day, the "Checking Out" status displays the count of appointments that are actively checking out on the same day.

Configure Appointment Count by Status & Resource Capacity

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Settings
  2. In the Calendar section, locate the "Display appointment count in Calendar" setting
  3. Toggle to YES                                                    count.png
  4. Once enabled, you can select which appointment statuses should be displayed:
    • Resource Capacity: Provides information on the available capacity of a resource while taking into account the number of checked-in appointments and the total resource capacity configured for that particular resource. For example:

      Total resource capacity: 10
      Booked appointments for the day: 12
      Checked-in appointments: 5

      The resource capacity counter would display "7/10 Booked" and "5/10 Checked-In", indicating that, at the current time, 5 out of the 10 total capacities have been utilized by the checked-in appointments and there are 7 remaining booked appointments.

    • Arriving: This counts only booked appointments that start on the day you are viewing in the scheduler. Includes appointments that have not yet been checked in.

    • Booked: Displays the number of appointments scheduled for a particular staff member. Specifically, it shows appointments that have been booked but have not yet been checked in.

    • Checked-In: Shows the total number of appointments that are currently checked in
    • Completed: Displays the total number of appointments that have been successfully completed

    • Checking Out: Displays the number of appointments that are scheduled to be checked out on the current day for a specific staff member

  5. Save 

View Appointment Count by Status

  1. Navigate to the schedule
  2. Select the desired location, date, and staff members
  3. Filter by day or agenda views to view the scheduler count below the staff member's name


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