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Display Appointment Count by Status on Scheduler

MyTime allows you to view and track appointment statuses by staff members on the scheduler. 

Things to know:

  • Only the agenda and day views show the appointment count by status. It isn't visible in the week, month, or split views.
  • Appointments that are pending or have been marked as a no-show are not counted as Booked / Checked-in / Completed.
  • When a pending appointment is accepted, it is marked as Booked and counts toward the booked status.
  • Confirmed appointments will be counted as Booked
  • Multi-day appointments will be counted for each day

Configure Appointment Count by Status

  1. Navigate to Business Setup > Settings
  2. In the Calendar section, locate the "Display appointment count in Calendar" setting
  3. Toggle to YES                                                     Business-Settings__6_.png
  4. Once enabled, you can select which appointment statuses should be displayed. Booked, Checked in, or Completed  
  5. Save 

View Appointment Count by Status

  1. Navigate to the schedule
  2. Select the desired location, date and staff members
  3. Filter by day or agenda views



For more information contact us at support@mytime.com.            



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