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Registers and Closeout Reports

To access your cash drawer, go to POS > Registers

At the beginning of each day, the drawer is in an initial/unopened state. In order to perform transactions, you'll need to open your register first by selecting Open Register.


Next, enter the initial amounts of money that you physically have in the drawer. The Opened Register will display the beginning overage/shortage for the current session.


The Open Register will display Cash, Check, Card, Gift Card, and Other Payment Types
 Once the drawer is opened, you will be allowed to do any manual cash transactions (Deposit/Withdraw/Withdraw Non-Cash Tips). 
Withdrawing of tips will automatically populate the Note section with the employee name(s). You can also set up Restrict Tip Withdrawl by staff roles.
To reconcile at the end of the day, select Close Drawer.
From here, you can reconcile the cash amount, check amount and credit card amount, and also enter the money you moved to your bank account. When reconciling the drawer on close, ‘Cash Float’ (Cash Left In Drawer) and ‘Cash to Bank’ will be automatically adjusted. When changing ‘Cash Float’ amount, the ‘Cash to Bank’ will be adjusted.

If you enter an amount for the cash float for a value larger than the amount of cash in the drawer, you will be prompted to deposit cash into the drawer to ensure that you have enough cash on hand.



When you click on Deposit Cash it will prompt you with the absolute amount you will need to deposit to make your Float and Cash to Bank balance.



Once you confirm to Deposit that amount it will close the register for you.


When your register is closed, the report will include the transaction summary (1), the reconciliation (2), and what your float is (3). You also have a Print Report button for the closeout report (4). 



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