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How do I delete/cancel my MyTime account?

For businesses with a MyTime account

Free Trial

If you signed up for a 14 day free trial, you do not need to cancel your trial or your MyTime account. The trial will automatically expire in 14 days, and your account will not be auto-renewed or charged for a subscription. You can simply stop using your MyTime account. 

No Subscription (Free Marketplace Account)

If you are listed on the MyTime Marketplace and would like to remove your listing, please send an email requesting deactivation to support@mytime.com. Please include your business name and location in the email. Your MyTime listing will be promptly removed from our Marketplace.


If you have a MyTime Subscription, please send an email to our Customer Success team at support@mytime.com. You will receive a response within one business day with more information.

For consumers with a MyTime account

If you signed up for a MyTime account to book online with a business, you can unsubscribe from all emails so you no longer receive communications. 

First, log in to your account at mytime.com.

Once signed into your account, click on your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Select My Account and then Communication Preferences. You can deselect the boxes to stop receiving SMS and/or email communications from MyTime. 



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