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Disable Online Booking

At any given time, you may disable online booking for a few service categories or all categories. This can be done from your service menu.

To disable online booking:

  1. Go to Business Setup >Services Menu
  2. Select the drop-down that reads Online Booking Enabled  15834315-af3078af5c6d69e15837ee6110e42b93.png
  3. Select Disable Online Booking 15834346-44aa9624d128598827717f7da86de0ac.png

The following will occur when online booking is disabled:

  • The service category and variation will not be visible online.
  • If all service categories are disabled "No time slots available for online booking. Please contact us directly to schedule (888) 888-8888." will be displayed on your booking widget.  15834928-620d1803196f854371ab9fab0e5b3579.png




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