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Enable/Disable Tipping and Tipping Types

MyTime allows you to choose whether or not you will allow tipping for services, and if you would like customers to choose a percentage, or always enter an exact amount for a tip.

You can enable or disable tipping in the Settings section of Business Setup.


Scroll to the Tipping section. Check the box to enable tipping. 

To have customers choose a set tip percentage you will fill out the percentage boxes.


If you leave the default tip boxes blank, this will default to the customer entering the tip amount manually during checkout. 


Enabling tipping allows you to add tips to tickets in POS and allows customers who pre-pay to tip via text message. 

If you would like customers to be asked about tipping post-appointment you will need to ensure that you have enabled the Request tips via SMS.



You may disable tipping by deselecting the box. If you disable tipping, clients will not be prompted to tip via POS or via text message, and your tickets in POS will not have a Tip field.

After making any changes, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and hit Save. 


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