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How can I set up Direct Deposit in MyTime?

To set up Direct Deposit, go to your Payments & Deposits page:

  1. Select your business name in the upper right-hand corner
  2. Select Business Setup
  3. Select Payments & Deposits 

You'll need to accept online payments through MyTime in order to set up Direct Deposit. To allow online payments, select one of the top two options (in the red box below).



Next, read the sidebar explaining the Direct Deposit required information. 



Single-Location Businesses

Click the drop-down arrow and select your location. Enter your bank information in the Direct Deposit section below. When you are finished entering your information, select save at the bottom. You're all set!


Multi-Location Businesses

If you are a multi-location business, you can set up a separate Direct Deposit bank account for each location.

Click the drop-down arrow to display all your locations. Place a check mark by one or multiple location(s) you'd like connected with a bank account. If you'd like to use the same bank account for all locations, place a check mark by all locations in the drop-down.


Enter your Direct Deposit information for the location(s) and select save.

To add a separate bank account for your second location, select + Add Bank Account.


Select another location in the drop-down and enter the Direct Deposit information associated with that location. Select save.


Repeat this process until all your locations are set up with their respective bank accounts. When you are finished entering your information, select save at the bottom.

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