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Payment Failures for Pre-Paid Appointments

When customers pre-pay for appointments online, MyTime does not charge the credit card at the initial booking. Credit cards will be charged two hours after the appointment takes place.

At the time of booking, MyTime places a hold on the customer's credit card to ensure there are sufficient funds for the appointment. If the card is approved, the booking will go through and the appointment will read Pre-Paid in the appointment window:

If the hold expires, MyTime will renew the hold a few days prior to the appointment to ensure there are still sufficient funds. It is possible for the card to fail this time even if it went through at the initial booking. 

It's also possible for a charge to fail if the payment amount increases (for example, if you add additional services to the appointment or if the client adds a tip).  If the card declines, MyTime will convert the "pre-paid" appointment to an "unpaid" appointment. 

The appointment window will read Online Payment Failed.  


You will also receive an email notification of the payment failure. You can then contact the client to obtain a different form of payment, or you can collect payment from the client when they come in for the appointment.

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