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Add-On Services

We are thrilled to announce our new Add-On Services feature! When customers book online, MyTime will suggest related Add-On services they can add to their appointment for a price. This allows you to effortlessly upsell to your clients.

Add-On services do not appear in your services list in your MyTime profile - they only appear as an optional addition after the client selects a related service.

Creating Add-On Services

To set up Add-On services, go to your Services Menu.

Scroll to the bottom of your Services Menu to the Add-Ons category, and select Setup.


In the popup, enter the Add-On name, duration, description, location, qualified staff and price. You can also add resources to the Add-On. For more information about Resource Booking, click here.

Next, select Add Services under Can be added to.


Select all services the Add-On will be offered with. When you are finished, click save.


This Add-On can now be easily added to each connected service during the booking process (both booking online and in-store).

When a customer selects one of the connected services while booking online, a pop-up will appear asking if they want to include an Add-On with the purchase.


When you book an appointment from your Scheduler, select +Add-on to easily include an Add-On service with the appointment.




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