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Service Pricing & Duration by Pet Breed

If you are in the pet industry, you can define custom prices and durations for different pet breeds or groups of pet breeds.

To create custom breed pricing and duration:

  1. Go to Business Setup > Services Menu
  2. Click on the Edit link next to the appropriate service you'd like to customize by pet breed.  Edit_service.png
  3. At the bottom, select Add New under Price and Duration by Pet Breed 15831345-10220b06690cd30f3d228dff18b1d034.png
  4. The following popup will appear. Utilize the search box to select from the list of dog breeds. To filter the list, type the breed name in the box.
    • If the breed is not listed, you may type the name and press "enter" to create a custom breed. For example, cat breeds are not listed, so you'll need to create custom breeds for cat services.
    • You can choose a single breed or multiple. Once all breeds are entered, along with the price and duration, select save.  multiple_dogz.png
  5. You'll now see your custom prices and durations in the window. When you are finished, click Save. saveee.png

These custom prices and durations will now apply to all appointments made in your Scheduler and when customers book online.

Appointments in your Scheduler

When you select a service and pet breed with a custom price/duration, the custom price and duration will auto-fill in the appointment window.

Online Bookings

Custom prices and durations are also applied to online bookings. When customers book, they must select their pet breed. If a custom price/duration is set for that breed, it will be applied to the appointment.

Note: Custom prices and durations will not be applied retroactively to appointments already on your schedule. They will only apply to appointments scheduled going forward.


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