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Expiration Reminders

Expiration reminders are custom fields with a time limit. It is a useful notice that alerts you when your staff members or a client must take action. When the expiration date has passed, a red badge will appear in the client / pet / family member profile and appointment modal. In this article, we will walk through how to create expiration reminders.

Things to know:

  • Expiration reminders are particularly useful for:
    • Vaccination expiration 
    • Haircut/Colouring reminders
    • Dietary reminders
    • Registration Expiration
  • Clients will not see the expiration reminders; they are solely for you and your staff members
  • The expiration reminder field can be included as a question in the intake form if you want clients to enter this information when they book online, or you can manually fill out the field data in each client's profile.

Create Expiration Reminders

To create expiration reminders:

  1. Navigate to the Clients tab
  2. Select Manage Clients
  3. Select Customize Client Fields

The following screen will appear, showing Default Fields and Custom Fields. Default Fields are either automatically collected upon booking (such as name and contact information) or are available as options to add to your intake form (such as date of birth and gender). 

Intake-Forms-MyTime (1).png

You can add expiration reminders to any field category: client fields, family member fields (for family businesses), pet fields (for pet businesses), or automotive fields (for automotive businesses). For example, you would enter a pet vaccination expiration under "Custom Pet Fields."

At the bottom of the field:

  1. Click Add Field                                                                                 
  2. Click the dropdown in the 'Field Type' section and select Expiration Reminder royalty.png
  3. Next, fill out the Field Name and Expiration Tag  
    • Field Name: The title of the field. The person entering the expiration date will see the field name and respond with the date.
    • Expiration Tag: The label that will appear in the client/family member/pet profile and appointment modal after the expiration date has passed. Clients will not see the expiration tag. 
    • Is Required: You can decide whether this is mandatory by toggling the button. Enabling "Is Required" will add an asterisk (*) to the field, indicating it as a required entry. You won't be able to save any forms unless a date is provided in this field. 
  4. You can preview the field name and expiration label at the bottom. When you are finished editing, click save loyalty.png


Add Expiration Reminders on Profiles

To add the expiration reminder date from the client/pet/family member profile:

  1. Select Clients tab
  2. Select a client's name to open the client profile
  3. Click the edit icon in the client section (for client fields) or in the pet section (for pet fields) loyalty.png
  4. A popup will appear with all the pet's details and the custom pet fields. Enter the expiration date and attach a file (if required)
  5. Click save 

The expiration date will now be displayed in the profile. When the expiration date has passed, a red label will appear beneath the expiration date in the pet profile. 


The red expiration tag will also appear on any appointments scheduled after the expiration date.



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