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Expiration Reminders

Now you can set up Expiration Reminders that will appear in each client's profile and appointment windows. Expiration Reminders are custom fields with an expiration date.

When the expiration date is past, an Expiration Reminder will appear as a red badge in the client profile and the client's appointment windows. It is a convenient notification to remind you when your staff or the client need to take action.


Expiration Reminders are particularly useful for:

  • Vaccination Expiration Reminders
  • Haircut/Coloring Reminders
  • Dietary Reminders
  • Registration Expiration
  • Membership Expiration
  • Anything else you can think of!

Clients will not see the Expiration Reminders - it is solely for you and your staff.

You can include the Expiration Reminder fields as questions in the intake form, or you can choose to enter the field information manually in each client's profile.

You will set up Expiration Reminders in the Clients tab.

  1. Select Clients
  2. Select Manage Clients
  3. Select Customize Client Fields


You can add Expiration Reminders to any field category: to client fields, to pet fields (for pet businesses), or to automotive fields (for automotive businesses). For example, you would enter a pet vaccination expiration under "Custom Pet Fields."

At the bottom, select Add Field.


In the field type, select Expiration Reminder.


 Next, fill out the Field Name and Expiration Tag.

  • Field Name: The title of the field. The person entering the expiration date will see the Field Name and respond with the date. 
  • Expiration Tag: The badge that will appear in the client profile and client appointment window after the field is expired. Clients will not see the Expiration Tag.

You can preview the Field Name and Expiration Tag at the bottom. The Expiration Tag will only appear if the expiration date is past.

When you are finished editing, click save.


If you'd like customers to enter this expiration date when they book online, you can include the field in your Intake Form. Click here to learn how to set up an Intake Form.

Alternatively, you and your staff can enter the expiration date from the client profile:

  1. Select Clients
  2. Select a client's name to open the client profile
  3. Click the Edit symbol in the Client section (for Client Fields) or in the pet section (for Pet Fields) - see photo below for example.


The popup below will appear with all your Custom Pet Fields. You will see the Expiration Date field you just created. Enter the expiration date and click save.


The expiration date will now appear in the pet's section in the client profile. When the expiration date is past, a red badge will appear in the Client Profile beneath the expiration date (see examples below). 

Before the Expiration Date


After the Expiration Date



The red Expiration Tag will also appear on any of the pet's appointments past the expiration date.

Before the Expiration Date



After the Expiration Dateexp_tag.png


The example above was for a Pet Expiration Reminder (created as a Custom Pet Field).  The process is analogous if the Expiration Reminder is a Custom Client Field. The Expiration Tag will appear in the "Client" section of the client profile and in any appointment scheduled with the client.

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