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How do I send an email campaign to my clients?

If you are subscribed to MyTime's Automated Marketing feature, you can easily create and send emails to your entire client list, to selected clients, or to a single client.

In this article, you'll learn how to send an email campaign to multiple clients.

If you'd like to send a quick message to a single client via the MyTime Communicator, click here to learn how.

Sending a Mass Email Campaign

To send an email to multiple clients, navigate to the Marketing section, then click on Campaigns.

You can either write your own campaign or use a template. To use a template, click the dropdown arrow in the upper left and select your preferred option.


Editing the Campaign Content
At the top, you may change the email title, reply-to name and reply-to email. 
The reply-to email is the email address your clients can reply to if they have any questions. The default reply-to email address comes from your location settings
The business name, address, phone number in your campaign header also come from your location settings. Click here for an article detailing how to edit your campaign header.
You can type and edit your message in the box below. Use the buttons to format your message and to insert client names, promo codes, "Book Now" buttons and more. 
Sending the Campaign
If you would like to save your message for future use, select Save Template in the lower left.
Next, click on Select Recipients

You can use the filters to specify the campaign recipients. The filters allow you to limit the campaign to clients in specific locations or with specific labels.
You can also search for clients by name, phone number and email using the search box.
Select View to view and edit the clients selected to receive the campaign. Clients with a check mark will receive the campaign. 
You can choose to send the campaign now or later. If you choose Later, you can select a date and time for the campaign to be sent. 
When you are satisfied, select Send to send the campaign to all selected clients.
*If a customer has been banned from booking online, they will not receive any promotional notifications. 
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