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How can I categorize, label and filter my clients?

MyTime allows you to assign labels to your clients. Labels allow you to:

  1. Filter your client list to view only clients with specific labels
  2. Easily view labels from your client's list
  3. Send emails and targeted campaigns to specific groups of clients

To create a label, click on your Clients tab. Select Manage Clients and then Apply Labels.


Next, click in the box. A dropdown list will appear with label choices. MyTime has pre-created labels Friend, Top Client, and VIP


If you'd like to use one of the pre-made labels:

  1. Click on the label to select it (in this example, I've selected Friend).
  2. Place a check mark by clients to whom you'd like to apply this label.
  3. Click Apply to apply the label to selected clients.


If you'd like to create your own label:

  1. Type the label name in the box (in this example, I've typed Favorite Client).
  2. Hit enter to create the label. 
  3. Place a check mark by clients to whom you'd like to apply the label.
  4. Click Apply to apply the label to selected clients.

You'll now see this label in your client list next to the selected clients.


This label will also appear in your labels list.


Once you've applied labels to your clients, you can filter your client list by labels.

In the Clients tab, click on the drop-down arrow in the Select Labels box.


Place a check mark by one or more labels. Now your list will only include clients with one or more of these labels.


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