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Can my staff member take more than one appointment at a time?

Yes! With MyTime, you can specify how many appointments each staff member can take per time period. You'll do this by adjusting a staff member's Bookings Per Time Slot

To make this adjustment, go to your Staff & Availability page, then open a staff member's profile:

  1. Select your business name in the upper right-hand corner
  2. Select Business Setup
  3. Select Staff & Availability
  4. Click on a staff member to open their profile


In the staff profile, scroll down to the Bookings section.

You will see a field called Bookings Per Time Slot. Bookings Per Time Slot refers to the capacity of the staff member: how many appointments the staff member can accommodate at a time. 

Click the dropdown arrow, and select the maximum number of appointments the staff member can take at a time. In this example, the staff member can take up to 3 appointments at a time.


The Bookings Per Time Slot setting only controls your clients' online booking. It will not allow more than 3 clients to book online in any one time slot.

If you (the business owner or employee) make the appointment from your Scheduler, you are free to schedule beyond your Bookings Per Time Slot setting.

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