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Can I set up an Intake Form for clients to complete upon booking?

Yes! With MyTime, you have the option to set up multiple intake forms to obtain information from customers or potential customers before they come into your office. You also have the option of creating intake forms for specific services you offer and you can even have multiple intake forms associated with the same service. 

The information you obtain from the intake form will be stored in your clients' profiles.

First, set up your intake form questions:

  1. Go to the Clients section
  2. Select Manage Clients
  3. Select Customize Client Fields


The following screen will appear, showing Default Fields and Custom Fields.

Default Fields are either automatically collected upon booking (such as name and contact information) or are available as options to add to your intake form (such as date of birth and gender). 

If the Default Fields include all the information you need from your clients, you may skip to the Setting up your Intake Form section.



Creating Custom Fields

At the bottom, you will see your Custom Fields section(s). The first section is Custom Client Fields, where you can collect client information.

Depending on your business type, you may have more than one Custom Fields section. For example:

  • Pet businesses will also have a Custom Pet Fields section to ask additional pet information
  • Automotive businesses will have a Custom Vehicle Fields section to collect additional vehicle information

To create a question, click Add Field at the bottom.


Click the drop-down in the Field Type section to select what type of field you'd like to create (checkbox, dropdown, short answer, etc). You can even create a waiver for customers to sign when they book.



Next, type your question in the Field Name box. You can preview your question at the bottom. When you are satisfied with your field, select Save



Setting up your Intake Form

When you are finished creating custom fields, it's time to add these to your intake form. At the top of the screen click on Intake Form.


If your Intake Form is set to OFF, click the switch to turn it ON.


The Intake Form screen will appear (see below). On the left, you'll see your Custom Client Fields and Default Fields. Place a check mark next to fields you'd like to include on your intake form.

Note: MyTime already asks clients for their First and Last name, email address, and phone number, so no need to include these on your intake form! 


Pet businesses will also have a Pet Intake Form (Automotive businesses will have a Vehicle Intake Form). Click on Pet Intake Form to set it up. You can then choose from your Custom Pet Fields.  Pets/vehicles listed in a client record will be able to have an intake form filled out and you will have the option to generate the intake form from the client record. Please see the below screenshot: 


Fields you've selected will appear in the Intake Form section. You can rearrange the order of questions by clicking on the three grey lines and dragging the field up or down (see photo below).


MyTime will save the Intake Form automatically (no need to save). When you are done, you may test how the intake form appears to customers by completing a test booking on your booking page.

You can access your booking page by going to your custom MyTime URL. To find your MyTime URL, go to your Business Setup page and scroll to Online Presence (see image below).




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