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Updating Products Manually

If you already have inventory and would like to make an update, you're in the right place! There are two ways to update inventory in MyTime:

  • You may export your current inventory from MyTime, make changes in the MyTime Inventory Spreadsheet, then re-import the updated spreadsheet (best for bulk updates)
  • You may update each product manually (best for small adjustments)

You can achieve the same results with either method - use whichever method is most convenient for you. If you'd rather not use an excel spreadsheet or if you only have a few quick changes to make, you may make these changes directly in your MyTime account.

Please note, local products can only be edited at the franchise level and global products can only be edited at the parent account level.


  1. Go to POS > Inventory
  2. To update a product or add to your stock, click on the product in your inventory list 17680878-5543fffa31075cf97a17a8f96b0a2d1c.png
  3. From here you can update the product's price and current stock 17681078-48d26051e4ef6e122ec69ccfeeb16fad.png
  4. To add a new shipment to your inventory, click the Add Shipment icon 17681109-b55ee1f8705ec09cc50b9325fe825d00.png
  5. A window with your shipment history will open
  6. Enter your new shipment information at the bottom of the list, and click Save. Your current stock will automatically update.  17681139-b72441e2f1a9e1483e78c70b3894aa40.png
  7. If you did not receive a new shipment but would like to make adjustments to your current stock, simply change the quantity by clicking on the +/- option below Retail QTY 17681360-36591049db58da7c013a5be96308cb90.png
  8. A modal will appear where you can increase or decrease the quantity, add a note or reason for the adjustment. 17681389-b39bbaa1fd4046eed422f122bbeaf253.png
  9. To edit other product information (such as product name, SKU, category, or brand) select Edit Product Details
  10. The following window will appear. Edit any information you like, then Save. You may also completely delete a product by selecting Delete in the lower left-hand corner. 17681527-dfa3e77fa2ebf0b1479eb8b0ca54a41f.png
Congratulations, you've updated your inventory! Click here to learn how you can track your inventory with MyTime's Inventory Report.
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