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How can I update and edit my Inventory?

If you are using MyTime's POS, you have access to our Inventory feature.

If you're adding inventory into MyTime for the first time, read our Help Center article: How can I add my inventory into MyTime?

If you already have inventory and would like to make an update, you're in the right place! There are two ways to update inventory in MyTime:

  1. You may export your current inventory from MyTime, make changes in the MyTime Inventory Spreadsheet, then re-import the updated spreadsheet (best for bulk updates)
  2. You may update each product manually (best for small adjustments)

You can achieve the same results with either method - use whichever method is most convenient for you.

Updating Inventory via MyTime's Inventory Spreadsheet

To make bulk adjustments to your inventory, we recommend using our Inventory Spreadsheet to export, update, and then re-import your updated inventory list.

To do this, go to POS, then select the Inventory tab. At the bottom, select Export.


A spreadsheet titled Export will download. Click on the download to open the spreadsheet.

The first tab of the excel document (labeled INSTRUCTIONS) explains how to enter and update your inventory. Once you have read these instructions, click on the second tab (labeled SKU) to view and update your inventory list.


The SKU tab will contain the inventory information from your MyTime account. Make all your inventory updates in this spreadsheet. You can change and update any information you like.

Here are some examples of updates you may need to make:

  • If you get a new shipment, you can either update your Current Stock (column N) to reflect the new total stock, or you can add the shipment quantity to New Batch Quantity (column P).
  • If the product's cost has changed, enter the new product cost in the the New Cost Basis column.
  • You can also add an expiration date for perishable items in Column R.


When you've finished making updates, save the spreadsheet. Select Import in the Inventory section of your MyTime account. 
Then, select Upload, and upload the updated spreadsheet.
 Please note the checkbox on the lower left that says, "Update quantities and/or create new SKU's. When this is checked, SKUs will not be deleted as a result of an import. When it is unchecked, SKUs that are not specified in the import will be deleted.
When the file is uploaded, select Import
Your updated inventory will now appear in the Inventory section of MyTime. If you have a long inventory list, it may take a few minutes to update.

Updating Inventory Manually

If you'd rather not use an excel spreadsheet or if you only have a few quick changes to make, you may make these changes directly in your MyTime account. 

Go to POS and select Inventory. From here you may add new products or update any existing inventory.

To update a product or add to your stock, click on the product in your inventory list. From here you can update the product's price and current stock.


To add a new shipment to your inventory, click Update Shipment. A window with your shipment history will open.



Enter your new shipment information at the bottom of the list, and click Save. Your current stock will automatically update.
If you did not receive a new shipment but would like to make adjustments to your current stock, simply change the quantity in the Stock box.
To edit other product information (such as product name, cost, category, or brand) select Edit Product Details.
The following window will appear. Edit any information you like, then Save. You may also completely delete a product by selecting Delete in the lower left-hand corner.
To add a new product, select Add Product  at the bottom of your inventory list.

The popup below will appear. Enter your product details and click Save.

  • Target: The quantity of each SKU you want to maintain - used to calculate the reorder amount. The reorder amount will appear in your Inventory Report.
  • Alert at: Check this box to receive alerts when your stock is low. MyTime will alert you when your stock reaches your Alert at number.


After saving the product details, you'll be prompted to enter the product's selling price, cost, and current stock. Select Save.


Congratulations, you've updated your inventory! Click here to learn how you can track your inventory with MyTime's Inventory Report.
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