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How does the booking experience differ from booking directly on MyTime vs. through a Facebook Profile?

Although MyTime and Facebook integrate seamlessly for an incredible booking experience, there are still some advantages to directing a customer to book through your MyTime profile. Here are some of the ways that booking on Mytime differs from booking on Facebook.

  • Clients are unable to select if they have been to your business before on Facebook. There is no option to distinguish whether they are a new, or existing client.
  • Clients are unable to use or buy a package when booking through Facebook.
  • Prices that are displayed on Facebook are concurrent with what is listed as regular prices the services menu of your MyTime account. New vs Existing customer pricing, off peak specials, and one time sales are not reflected on Facebook.
  • There are no intake forms in the Facebook booking process. If you require waivers, or additional questions as set up in the Clients tab of your MyTime account, you will be unable to require those on Facebook.
  • Clients are unable to message you directly, as they can through your MyTime Profile by using the link in the screenshot below:                                      HC1.png
  • Clients are unable to view staff profiles on Facebook prior to booking an appointment.
  • Facebook cannot capture pet information
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