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How can I add my inventory into MyTime?

If you are using MyTime's POS, you have access to our Inventory feature.

There are two ways to add inventory in MyTime: you may enter it into MyTime's Inventory Spreadsheet, or you may add each product manually. 

Adding Inventory using the Inventory Spreadsheet

The inventory spreadsheet is the fastest way to add inventory. To access this spreadsheet, select POS, then select the Inventory tab.


Next, select Import. The screen below will appear. Select Download spreadsheet.



Click on the download to open the excel spreadsheet. The first tab of the excel document (labeled INSTRUCTIONS) explains how to enter your inventory. Use the second tab (labeled SKU) to enter your inventory information.



If you already have an existing excel spreadsheet with your inventory information, you may take these steps:

  1. Change the formatting of your current excel sheet to match the MyTime Inventory Spreadsheet.
  2. Copy and paste the list into the MyTime Inventory Spreadsheet.

If you'd rather not change the formatting of your current excel inventory sheet, you may copy/paste each field in manually. However, you cannot import your other spreadsheet directly into MyTime. You'll need to use the MyTime Inventory Spreadsheet for your inventory to be properly tracked and updated.

When you are finished entering your inventory information into the MyTime Inventory Spreadsheet, make sure to save the excel file.

Next, return to the Import section of Inventory.


Then, select Upload, and upload the spreadsheet.



When your file is uploaded, select Import


Your inventory will now appear in your Inventory section of MyTime. If you have a long inventory list, it may take a few minutes to upload.


 Adding Inventory Manually

If you'd rather not use an excel spreadsheet to enter your inventory, you can add each product manually. To do this, go to POS and select Inventory. Select Add Product.


The popup below will appear. Enter your product details and click Save.

  • Target: The quantity of each SKU you want to maintain - used to calculate the reorder amount. The reorder amount will appear in your Inventory Report.
  • Alert at: Check this box to receive alerts when your stock is low. MyTime will alert you when your stock reaches your Alert at number.



You'll then be prompted to enter the product's selling price, cost, and current stock. Select Save.


Repeat this process until all of your products are entered. They will now appear in your Inventory section.


Click here to learn how you can track your inventory with MyTime's Inventory Report.

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