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Can I sell gift cards in-store through MyTime?

Yes! You can sell both physical and electronic gift cards to clients in-store through MyTime's POS*.

*MyTime does not provide physical gift cards. If you'd like to sell physical gift cards, you will need to purchase them from a different source.

Selling Physical Gift Cards In-Store

To sell a physical (plastic) gift card, start a new ticket in your POS. On the right, select Gift Card.


The popup below will appear. Enter the code on found on the gift card and the dollar amount. Select Add.



The gift card will appear on the ticket, and you may take payment.


The gift card's code and dollar amount will be stored in your MyTime account. The gift card code will also be stored in the client's profile - so you can always use the gift card for payment even if the client does not bring it with them.

Click here to learn how to access a gift card from a client's profile.

Selling Electronic Gift Cards In-Store

Selling electronic gift cards in-store is essentially the same process. Select Gift Card in POS, and the popup window will appear. Leave the Card # section blank, and MyTime will automatically generate a code for the gift card. Enter the dollar amount and select Add.


After you take payment, the gift card code will automatically be stored in the client's profile. You can also email the client a copy of the receipt to provide them with the gift card code (see below).


Customers can also purchase electronic gift cards directly from your website or MyTime booking page. Click here for more information about selling gift cards online.


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