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Why can't I view or edit certain sections of MyTime?

If you are unable to view or edit certain sections of your business's MyTime account, you may have limited access.

Accounts with limited access may be missing certain tabs such as DashboardPOS, Clients or Marketing (see example below).

Account with limited accessScreen_Shot_2017-03-09_at_10.43.41_AM.png


Account with full accessScreen_Shot_2017-03-09_at_10.42.01_AM.png

If you have limited access, you may also be missing any of the following functions:

  • View or edit client records
  • View client emails and phone numbers
  • View own appointments
  • View appointments from other locations or staff members
  • Create/edit appointments
  • View business dashboard overview
  • View reports
  • Access Point of Sale
  • Manage cash drawer

The MyTime business account owner gives a certain level of account access to each employee. For more information on access controls, click here.

If you are an employee and would like to access more sections of your MyTime account, you may request more access from your employer (or whoever manages your business's MyTime account).

If you are the business owner and are experiencing limited access, make sure you are logged into the correct account. In the upper right-hand corner of your account, you should see the name of your business (see example below). This means you are logged into your business account.


If you see an employee's name in the upper right-hand corner, you are logged into an employee account. Log out and log back in with your business login information. You will then have full access to your business's MyTime account.

To learn more about how to set up and edit employee access controls, click here.

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