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How can I look up a client's gift card?

When a client purchases a gift card, the gift card and code will be stored in their client profile. This way, you can always use the gift card for payment even if the client does not bring it with them.

To look up a client's gift card in their profile, search the client's name in your Clients tab. Click on the client name and their profile will appear.


In the client profile, scroll down to Past Appointments & Product Purchases. Click the drop-down arrow next to Gift Card to view the code.



You can use this code on the Take Payment screen in POS to pay for an appointment.


You can also look up a client's gift card in the Gift Card Balances report. To access this report:

  1. Select Dashboard
  2. Select Reports
  3. Select Gift Card Balances



In the upper right-hand corner of the report, you can search purchased gift cards by either client's name or gift card number in the search box. You may also use the search bar located on the upper left-hand corner to filter by purchase date and location. This report will display client name, recipient, as well as amount and remaining balance. 


To learn more about gift cards in MyTime, click here.

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