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How can I list or de-list myself from the MyTime Marketplace?

To list or de-list yourself in the MyTime Marketplace:

  1. Click your business name in the upper right-hand corner
  2. Select My Account
  3. Select My Plan

If the MyTime Marketplace Listing section reads Active, you are listed in the Marketplace!


If you have a button that reads Add next to MyTime Marketplace Listing, you are not currently in the Marketplace (see below).


To list yourself in the Marketplace, click the Add button. The popup below will appear. Click Add to Cart. Don't worry, we won't charge anything to activate your listing! 


You will then be prompted to add payment information. Your credit card information is only for future commission charges. We have a simple, pay-for-performance pricing model: You'll pay a 10% commission on bookings that come through your Marketplace listing.


If you'd like to de-list yourself from the Marketplace, click the heading MyTime Marketplace Listing


The following popup will appear. Click Yes, Remove me from the MyTime Marketplace.




Wondering if you should list yourself in the Marketplace or not? Click here for more information about the MyTime Marketplace.


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