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How can my customers book me without commissions? (Subscribing Businesses)

Marketplace commissions differ depending on whether you have a subscription (you pay monthly for our software) or a free Marketplace account (you do not pay a monthly subscription).

This article details the commission structure for MyTime subscribers. If you have a free marketplace account, click here for details on Marketplace commissions.

MyTime Subscribers: Zero-Commission Booking

Commissions are only generated on bookings that come through the MyTime Marketplace. The MyTime Marketplace is our optional platform intended to increase your online visibility to potential customers. (For more information about the MyTime Marketplace, click here).

Marketplace commissions are generated when clients book you by searching for your business on mytime.com. 

All of MyTime's other booking methods and integrations are zero commission! 

MyTime's Zero-Commission Booking Options:

  1. Booking through the MyTime mobile app
  2. Booking through your website "Book Now" button
  3. Booking through your Facebook "Book Now" button
  4. Booking through your Google booking button
  5. Booking through your unique MyTime URL

You can ask your current clients to use any of these methods to book you commission-free.

Note: If you are not listed in the MyTime Marketplace, customers will not be able to search for you on mytime.com or in the MyTime app. Additionally, you will not have access to booking through Google or Bing. Customers can book appointments using any of your other booking options. Click here for instructions about how to list yourself in the Marketplace.

Commission-free booking from the MyTime App

If you have a MyTime subscription, all booking from the MyTime mobile app is zero-commission! Note: In order to be searchable in the MyTime mobile app, you must be listed in the MyTime Marketplace. 

Commission-free Booking from the Web

To find your zero-commission unique MyTime URL:

  1. Click your business name in the upper right-hand corner
  2. Click Business Setup
  3. Scroll to the Online Presence section

Here you can view and edit your unique MyTime URL.




To set up Facebook and website booking buttons, go to the Website Tools section of your Business Setup, and click Set Up.


If you are listed in the MyTime Marketplace, your Google and Bing booking buttons are set up automatically. If you are not listed in the MyTime Marketplace, you will not have Google or Bing booking.


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