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How can customers purchase gift cards online?

With MyTime, you can sell gift cards to clients online. Gift cards purchased online are electronic (not physical) gift cards that clients can use to purchase your services both in-store or online.

In order to sell gift cards online, you'll need to enable 2 settings in your Business Setup.

Enabling online payment

The first step is to enable online payment in your Payments & Deposits page (see image below).


If you do not enable online payment, customers will not be able to purchase gift cards online. For more information on adjusting payment options, click here.

Enabling Gift Card Purchases

Next, go to your Settings tab.

Switch Allow gift cards to be purchased online? to YES.


Now customers can purchase gift cards online! 

Purchasing Electronic Gift Cards From your MyTime Booking Page

Customers can purchase electronic gift cards from your MyTime Marketplace booking page, your unique MyTime URL booking page, or your website. Our Facebook and Google booking integrations do not currently offer gift card purchases.

On your booking page, customers will select Give as Gift.


The screen below will appear. Here the customer will type in their own name, the recipient's name and email, the dollar amount and a brief message to the recipient.


The customer will then select Add to Cart. This will bring them to the payment screen where they can complete the purchase. MyTime will then email the gift card to the recipient.

Selling Electronic Gift Cards from your Website

If you'd like to allow customers to purchase gift cards directly from your website, we've provided a link of code you can add to your website. To access this code, go to Website Tools in your MyTime account. Then copy and paste the link into your website.


You can also sell gift cards to clients in-store. Click here to learn how.

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