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Can I control the hours my services are bookable online?

You can use MyTime's Resource Booking feature to control the hours your services are bookable online. 

The Resource Booking feature was not created specifically for this purpose - it has many uses. There is a detailed step-by-step guide explaining our Resource Booking feature here.  If you'd like to understand the platform from which we're building the Online Booking Hours function, you may read this article. (*Note: Because you are using Resource Booking for a different purpose, some sections of the article will not apply to you).

Step 1: Create Resources 

The first step is to create resources. In your case, a “Resource” will be an Online Booking Hours indicator you can attach to each of your services.

If you want all your services to have the same online booking hours, you only need to create one resource (if you have multiple business locations, one resource per location). If you want services to have differing online booking hours, you will need to create a separate resource for each different set of hours.

To create a resource, visit your Staff & Availability page.

On your Staff & Availability page, select Manage Resources.


Next, select Add New Resource.



When you select Add New Resource, the window below will appear. Here you can name the resource, select its location, and add the hours the resource is bookable.

You can name the resource whatever you like. The name is visible only to your staff, not to the client. Make sure the name is clear to your staff, because staff members will see this resource name when creating appointments. Here are some examples of resource names:

  • If you want all your services to have identical online booking hours, you may choose to name this resource "Online Booking."
  • If you want your services to have differing online availability, you may give the resource the same name as each service. For example: If you own a salon, you may name one resource "Haircut Online Booking" and another resource "Color Online Booking"

Bookings Per Time Slot refers to the capacity of the resource: the number of appointments the resource can accommodate in any one time period. Set your Bookings Per Time Slot to a number higher than the maximum number of appointments your business can accommodate in any one time slot. If you set your Bookings Per Time Slot too low, you will limit the number of customers who can book you online.

For example, if your business can accommodate 20 appointments at a time, set your Bookings Per Time Slot higher than 20. You can't go too high - feel free to enter something unreasonably high, like 2000. 

If you choose to create more than one resource (if you want differing online availability for each service) repeat this process until all your resources are created. These resources will now be listed in your Manage Resources page (see below). You may return to this page at any time to edit or add resources.


*Important: Resources are set by location. If your business has more than one location, you will need to complete this process for each location. If you'd like your locations to have the same online booking hours, you can use the Duplicate function on the resources you just created:



When you click Duplicate, it will copy all the information from that resource into a new resource. Select your other location and save.



If you'd like your locations to have different online booking hours, you may create different resources for your second location.

To add and view resources for a different business location, click the dropdown arrow at the top of the Manage Resources page and select your other location (see below).

Step 2: Link Resources with Services

The next step is to link your Online Booking resources to each of your services. To do this, go to your Services Menu, then click Edit next to your first service. (You will do this with all of your services).


The popup window below will appear. Select Add resources underneath the Eligible Resources heading.



In the popup window, click the dropdown arrow next to Resource 1. Place a checkmark by the Online Booking resource for that particular service, then click save. In this example, the salon wanted different online booking hours for hair color and haircuts. Because this service is for hair coloring, the salon selected the "Color Online Booking" resource.

When you have selected the proper resource, click save. You will now see these resources in the Eligible Resources section (see below). Click save in this window.

Next, repeat this process for all your services. Click Edit next to each service, and add the corresponding Online Booking resource for each.

Split Time Appointments

If you have split time appointments (appointments with separate service times and processing times), you will need to connect the Online Booking resource to each service time and processing time. The process is largely the same as for single-time appointments.

When you click Edit next to a split-time service, the window below will appear. 

Select Add Resource next to the first time slot, and a dropdown arrow will appear. Place a check mark by the proper Online Booking resource and select save. Add this resource for all service times and processing times, and click save in the window (see below).

In the Eligible Resources section, this resource will be listed for each service and processing time (in this case, it is listed 3 times). Click save.

Viewing the Resources in your Schedule

The resources you added will now have their own columns in your schedule. The resources are listed to the right of your staff members. Any appointment using a resource will appear in that resource’s schedule (see image below). Note: You will only see your staff members and resources in Day View and Agenda View.

This function is useful for businesses who use Resource Booking for its traditional purpose. Because you’re using Resource Booking for a different function, you have no need to view these resources in your schedule, so you may ignore these columns.

Scheduling Appointments

When you create a new appointment, there will now be a slight change in the appearance of the appointment window. 

As soon as you select a service, a new field labeled Resource 1 will appear. Your Online Booking resource will auto-fill into this field (see below).

If you make an appointment outside of online booking hours, you will see the message in the image below - "Note: Color Online Booking is not available at this time." That's okay! Because the resource is relevant only to online booking, it does not need to be available when you're creating an appointment yourself. You may still schedule and save the appointment when the resource is not available.


Split time appointments

Scheduling split time appointments will also have a slightly different appearance. A new row labeled Resources will appear, as well as an option to Edit (see below). You do not need to do anything with this field - you may ignore it and schedule the appointment just as you did before.


If a customer books online, they will not see the resource, nor will they need to select the resource. The resource works in the background but does not change the customer online booking experience. Its only function is to limit the hours customers are permitted to book you online.

If you'd like more information about Resource Booking, click here for our step-by-step Resource Booking Help Center article.






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