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Why can't I view the titles of my external calendar events?

You can view the title and details of your own external calendar events from your own MyTime account. In order to view these details, the email from your external calendar must match the email used in your MyTime account.

You cannot view the title or details of external calendar events from other employees. Events from other employees will be labeled "External Calendar Event" in your schedule. This is a feature meant to protect the privacy of your employees.

When employees log into their own MyTime accounts, they will be able to view the titles of events from their own external calendars. Events from other employees' external calendars will appear in their schedule as "External Calendar Event."

In the example below, Kim and Alisha are both synced to Alisha's external calendar. These calendar events appear in both Alisha's schedule and Kim's schedule in MyTime. When Alisha views her schedule, she can see the titles of her own external calendar events. When Kim views the schedule, she sees only "External Calendar Event."


We hope this helped! If you have any additional questions feel free to email us at support@mytime.com.



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