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Managing Resources

A resource is any item necessary for a service that must be booked in conjunction with that service. For example, a room is a resource if a service requires a room. Other examples of resources are massage tables, automotive bays, grooming tubs, chairs, and machines. With MyTime's Resource Booking feature, you can keep track of your resources to ensure that you always have the necessary resources available when you schedule an appointment. 


You can set up and manage resources on your Staff & Availability page.

On the Staff & Availability page, select Manage Resources.


Next, select Add New Resource.


When you select Add New Resource, the window below will appear. Here you can name the resource, select its location, and add the hours the resource is bookable. The Resource Name is visible only to you, not to clients.

Bookings Per Time Slot refers to the capacity of the resource: the number of appointments the resource can accommodate in any one time period. For example, If the resource is a room, and this room can accommodate three appointments at the same time, enter the value “3.” If the room can only accommodate one appointment, enter “1.”

Repeat this process until all your resources are entered. Your resources will now be listed on your Manage Resources page (see below). You may return to this page at any time to edit, add, or delete resources.

Linking Resources with Services

The next step is to link your services to the resources they require. To do this, go to your Services Menu, then click Edit next to a service that requires a resource.

The popup window below will appear. Select Add Resources underneath the Eligible Resources heading.

In the popup window, click the dropdown arrow next to Resource 1.

When you select the dropdown arrow, all the resources you added in the Manage Resources section will appear (see image below). You may select one or multiple resources. *Important: Checking multiple boxes indicates that the service requires one of the selected resources. In this example, the service requires either Big Room or Small Room or Massage Room 1.

If a service requires multiple resources, click Add Resource. There you can repeat the process above to select the second resource the service requires.

In this example, the service requires one of three eligible rooms and one of three eligible chairs.

When you are finished entering all required resources, click save. You will now see these resources in the Eligible Resources section.

*Important: Resources are set by location. If your business has more than one location, you will need to complete this process for each location. In the same window, click the dropdown arrow next to your address and select your second location. Then click Add Resource and complete the same process (see image below).

Scheduling Resources for Split Time Appointments

If you have a split time service, you can allocate resources for each service time and processing time separately. The process is largely the same as for a single-time service. Select Add Resources in the Eligible Resources section.

When you click Add Resources in a split time service, the window below will appear. Click the dropdown arrows to allocate resources to each service time and each processing time.


How to View and Manage Resources in Scheduler

You can view the daily schedules of your staff and your resources in the same place. In your schedule page, your resources are listed to the right of your staff members. Any appointment using a resource will appear in that resource’s schedule. (Note: You will only see your staff and resource daily schedules in the Day View and the Agenda View).

If you only want to view specific resources in your schedule, you may use the resource filter feature. To use the filter, click the dropdown arrow reading All Resources and place a check mark by the resources you’d like to view in your schedule.


Scheduling an Appointment that Requires a Resource

When you create an appointment and select a service that requires resources, new fields will appear that prompt you to select resources. When you click the dropdown arrow, you will see the options for each resource. Select a resource for each of these fields. Important: You must fill out these fields for MyTime to schedule your resources correctly. MyTime will not auto-fill resources - so don’t forget to select them! If you save the appointment without selecting a specific resource next to each field, your resources will not be correctly scheduled.

Once you’ve selected resources for each field, click save.



Scheduling Split Time Appointments with Resources

When you create an appointment for a split time service, you will add resources by clicking the Edit button next to the Resources heading (see image below).

Again, it is crucial that you do not save the appointment without adding resources. If you do not add resources manually, your resources will not be scheduled for this appointment.

When you click Edit, the window below will appear. Next to each service time and processing time, select a resource from the dropdown menu. In the example below, the merchant has not yet added a resource to the third time slot (notice it reads select instead of naming a resource). The merchant must select a resource for this service time before saving the appointment.

You can also add a resource to a time block! For example, if you need to block 2 hours in your schedule and you’d like to use a resource (such as a room) during that time, you may add a resource by selecting from the dropdown menu (see below).

You can learn more about resources in the following articles:

We hope this helped! If you have any additional questions feel free to email us at support@mytime.com.

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