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MyTime's waitlist feature allows you to keep a list of clients who are waiting for the next available appointment.

How Do I Turn On the Waitlist? 

You can enable the waitlist from the Settings page:

  1. Select your Business Name in the upper right
  2. Select Business Setup 
  3. Select Settings



Next, select YES under "Allow clients to be added to waitlist?"



Once you have enabled this setting, you are ready to begin using the waitlist.

How Does the Waitlist Work?

Open the Schedule. On the left sidebar you will see the + Open Waitlist button.

Click + Open Waitlist to view or add to the waitlist.



Select + Add Client to add a client to the waitlist. 



Next, type in the client, staff, and service information. Click Save to add the client to the waitlist.




On the right side of the waitlist, you'll see several buttons (see image below).

  • Click the Chat icon to send a Communicator message.
  • Click the Pen icon to edit.
  • Click the X to remove the client from the waitlist.

The waitlist also calculates the Time Elapsed and Time Remaining on the waitlist. The Time Remaining is calculated based upon the selected staff member's next availability.



When you are ready to move a client from the waitlist into an appointment spot, click Start Service. This button will turn green when the selected staff member is available.


This will open a new appointment window. Here you can edit the service information. When you are finished editing the information, click Start. This will create a new appointment on your schedule.



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