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Google Reserve

Reserve with Google is a service from Google that allows your clients to find and book appointments directly from Google Search, Google Maps, or the Reserve with Google website. In this article, we will walk through how Google Reserve integration works.

Things to know

  • Google bookings are currently only available in the United States
  • Reserve with Google is not applicable for the following verticals: 
    • Retail - Clothing store, mattress store, etc 
    • Medical - Doctor, dentist, med spa, etc
  • Requirements for Google Reserve Integration with MyTime:
    • Your business must be listed on Google Business Profile
    • Have an active MyTime account
    • Online booking is enabled for at least one service category
  • To enable Google Reserve integration, please contact our Support Team at support@mytime.com.
  • Changes are generally noticeable on Google within 48 hours
  • When a client clicks on the “Book Online” button in your Google Business Profile, or any other booking entry point alongside where your business appears on Google Search or Maps, they will be redirected to your MyTime express checkout page to complete the booking.
  • You will not be charged for bookings that come from Google 
  • The Source of Bookings report and audit trail on the appointment modal will show that the booking came from Google


Approved Verticals on Google

The table below lists the verticals that Google Reserve Integration supports.

Vertical Examples
Beauty Salons, Barbers, Piercing, Facial Spa, Dressmaker
Wellness & Fitness Gym, Fitness Center, Yoga Studio, Massage Parlour, Day Spa
Home Services Carpenter, House Cleaner, Roof Services, Electrician
Vehicle Auto Repair, Auto Detail
Care Senior Care, Child Care, Pet Care, Day Care, Breeder, Dog Trainer, Pet Groomer, Animal Hospital
Education Trainings and instruction: A School, Ballet School, Coaching Center
Professional Lawyer, Real Estate Agency, Photography Studio, Accountant, Wedding venue

Customer Booking Experience

Your clients can book you through Google by:

  1. Navigating to Google to search for your business 
  2. Once your business populates, on the right-hand side of the page click the blue "Book Online" button.                                           MyTime Salon - Google Result.jpg                                
  3. They will then be redirected to your MyTime express checkout page MyTime-Hair-Salon.png
  4. Select the desired location (if the account has multiple locations) 
  5. Select the desired service, they can then use the Add another service link to add additional services to their cart  MyTime-Hair-Salon (1).png
  6. Proceed to the date and time picker. Choose a date and time and staff (if they are interested in seeing a specific staff). The time picker will show a monthly view, by default  MyTime-Hair-Salon (2).png
  7. Go to the checkout page where they can sign in if they already have an account with the "Sign In" link, sign in using their Facebook or Apple accounts, or create a new account
  8. Fill out the intake form before completing the booking and add card details (if applicable) MyTime-Hair-Salon (3).png
  9. Complete booking MyTime-Hair-Salon (4).png

When the booking is complete, the appointment will be reflected in the Scheduler and reports. 


  1. How do I turn on this feature? Contact our Support Team at support@mytime.com.
  2. How much does it cost me when clients book through Google? No fee is charged for appointment bookings made through Google
  3. How do clients book through Google? See booking instructions here
  4. What happens if a user wants to cancel an appointment they booked through Google? Because the appointment was scheduled via your MyTime express checkout page, it can be canceled via that same page or the custom Guest app
  5. Are payments processed through Google? No, payments are processed through MyTime
  6. How do I disable/remove Reserve with Google? Contact our Support Team at support@mytime.com to disable the settings on your account.


Contact us at support@mytime.com for additional details. 


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