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Setting up your Staff's Compensation Tracking

You can track your staff's compensation in a variety of ways:

  1. Hourly Pay
  2. Straight Commission for products and/or services
  3. Tiered Commission for products and/or services

In this article, you'll learn how to set up all three.

Step 1: Turn on Compensation Tracking

To turn on Compensation Tracking, go to your Settings:

  1. Select your Business Name (or your name) in the upper right
  2. Select Business Setup (or Location Setup)
  3. Select Settings


Scroll down to the Staff section.

Switch the Track compensation by staff member setting to YES.


Select Save at the bottom.


Step 2: Set up Compensation for Staff Members

Navigate to the Staff & Availability section:

  1. Select your Business Name (or your name) in the upper right
  2. Select Business Setup (or Location Setup)
  3. Select Staff & Availability


Click on a staff member to open their profile.




Scroll to the Compensation Reporting section. Check Track compensation for this staff member.



Here you can set up Hourly Pay, Service Commissions and/or Product Commissions for the staff member.


Hourly Pay

To track Hourly Pay, enter an hourly wage in the Regular Hourly Pay box. You can also set up Overtime Hourly Pay

Hourly Pay is calculated from clocked-in hours. In order to track hourly pay, you must use the clock-in/out feature. Learn how to enable this feature here.

If you do not wish to pay your staff member hourly, leave both fields blank.



Service and Product Commission

There are two options for calculating Service and Product Commission: Straight or Tiered.

Straight Commission - Staff member is paid a flat commission rate, independent of how much revenue the staff member brings in.

Tiered Commission - Staff member's commission rate increases with revenue the staff member brings in. This helps motivate staff members to hit certain goals for revenue per week/month.

If you do not offer commission to this employee, leave Service Commission and/or Product Commission fields blank.


Setting up Straight Commission

Select Straight Commission to implement a Straight Commission for Service Revenue and/or Product Revenue.

Enter the flat commission rate the staff member should be paid for services. If you'd like to pay a higher rate for overtime hours, enter a percentage in the Overtime Hours box. 

Select Set compensation by service if your services have different commission rates.

Next, enter the flat commission rate the staff member should be paid for products. 


When you are finished, scroll to the bottom of the profile and Save.


Setting up Tiered Commission

Select Tiered Commission to implement a Tiered Commission structure for Service Revenue and/or Product Revenue.



Next, fill out the fields:

1 - Enter a threshold to start paying commission. If you want to pay commission for all revenue earned, start the first tier at $0.

2 - Tiered commission may be calculated per week or per month. If you choose weekly, staff members will have one week to reach their tiers. If you choose monthly, they will have one month.

3 - Tiered commissions can be a Percentage of revenue or a Fixed dollar amount. 

4 - Choose a commission value (this will be either a percentage or a dollar amount, depending on your choice in #3).

5 - Select + Add Tier to add another tier. 



Important: When your staff member reaches the next tier, the higher commission level is applied to all revenue for the measurement periodIn the example above, if the staff member reaches the $3000 tier, she will receive a 50% commission for all her services that week.

When you are finished entering tiers, scroll to the bottom of the profile and Save.


 You will view staff compensation in your Compensation Report. Click here to learn more about this report.


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