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Client Notes

The Notes section of a client profile and appointment modal contains internal notes that each staff member took about the client. They are easily accessible from any device, allowing you to instantly learn about client preferences. Staff members can create multiple client notes as separate entries, each with a date and time stamp and an audit trail with the name of the staff member who created the note.

Things to know:

  • Client notes will be displayed in reverse chronological order from the client's profile
  • There is no limit to the number of notes. Additional notes can be accessed by clicking on the next page
  • You can "pin" specific notes to keep them on top at all times. Pinned notes can also be "unpinned".
  • All client notes will be shown on the appointment modal with pinned notes appearing first

  • The client profile and booked appointment modals will have pagination (with 3 notes per page), but the new appointment will not; instead, all notes will be displayed in a scrolling container that can be expanded/collapsed using the Show More/Show Less buttons.


Add Client Notes 

To add a client note:

  1. Navigate to the Clients tab
  2. Search for the desired client 
  3. Select the + icon next to the Client Notes section Client-Records-MyTime__10_.png
  4. Click anywhere in the notes field     
  5. Enter a note or attach a file and save Client-Records-MyTime__11_.png
  6. Once saved, the note will appear below with a date/time and login stamp Client-Records-MyTime__12_.png


To add attachments to client notes:

  1. Click on the paperclip icon Client-Records-MyTime__13_.png
  2. Select a file
  3. Click save Client-Records-MyTime__14_.png

Pin Client Notes

To pin a note, click the pin icon in the upper left corner of the desired note. 



Edit/Delete Client Notes

Edit and Delete buttons are available for each note. 

To edit a client note:

  1. Hover over the note you want to edit  
  2. Select the pencil icon Client-Records-MyTime__16_.png
  3. Make the necessary changes  Client-Records-MyTime__17_.png
  4. Save

To delete a client note:

  1. Hover over the note you want to edit  
  2. Select the Delete icon Client-Records-MyTime__18_.png
  3. Select the Delete button on the confirmation modal             Client-Records-MyTime__19_.png

Note will be successfully deleted. 

View/Edit Notes on Scheduler

On the scheduler, when hovering over an appointment, the client notes will be displayed in read-only mode. Only the first 4 rows of the last note entered will be displayed (based on the sorting rules), but you can open the appointment modal to view all notes. Attachments added to client notes will also be visible

View/Edit Notes on Appointment Modal

On the new appointment modal, client notes will be in read-only mode. Initially, just the first note will be displayed (based on the sorting rules), but you can click "Show More" to view all notes. 


The notes will also appear in the Clients Notes section of the Booked Appointment modal, with the same edit/delete/pin functionality and pagination as on the client profile.



For more information contact us at support@mytime.com or (385) 233-6964.    

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