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Digital Signage Display

In this article, we'll go over logging in and using the digital signage. 

Things to know:

  • You can utilize the kiosk's login credentials, the owner's login credentials, or create a new login for the digital signage by adding a new staff member to the Staff & Availability page.
  • To log out of the digital signage - click on your logo on the left side
  • To return to the location picker- click on the location name on the right side  

Once you have set up your messages, it’s time to login to the actual signage. To login and view the digital signage: 

  1. Go to digital-signage.mytime.com
  2. Enter your login credentials for the signage image-png-1440_900-.png
  3. If you have multiple locations, you can select which one to display after logging in  Digital-Signage.png
  4. After you choose a location, the template screen will appear. This will allow you to choose the template that you created in Business Setup > Signage. Click the template that you will use for this display. Digital-Signage__1_.png


Now that you have chosen a location and template, the digital signage will be displayed. The image on the right will change periodically if there are multiple announcements to be displayed.  



Template 2 - Split Screen


We hope you and your clients enjoy your MyTime Digital Signage! 

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