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Zebra ZD220

This 4-inch printer produces labels quickly, at 4” per second, to keep your workflows moving. A single LED indicator and a single button for feed/pause make it easy to operate and identify printer status.


Step 1 - Adding a new printer to your PC 

Windows: Windows_Logo.png

Download PC Drivers

Follow the link below for the first-time setup / getting started guide:

Mac OS X: Mac_Logo.png

+ Add Printer in System Settings > Printers & Scanners


Step 2 - Load paper Mac_Logo.png + Windows_Logo.png

Adjust the Movable Sensor for Web (Gap) Sensing (see image below). In most cases, you will slide the sensor to the right side of the printer until it stops and the two points align (see screenshot below). 


Step 3 - Calibrate the Paper Mac_Logo.png + Windows_Logo.png

Click here for the calibration video


Step 3 - Set Paper Size


Windows Windows_Logo.png

The example below shows a paper that is 2.375 W x 1 H. Zebra will often round up or down to their nearest supported size. This is normal and will not cause any printing issues. 


Mac OS X Mac_Logo.png

Click the link below and scroll to the section named "Logging into CUPS"



Once you reach step 4 in the link above, see the screenshot below to set the paper size:



  • The status light is flashing green 
    • This means the printer lost power
      • Press the button next to the status light once 
      • The light should turn solid green 
  • The status light is flashing red 
    • This means the printer has detected the paper size is incorrect or the printer needs to be recalibrated 
    • Follow setup 2 then step 3 above 
  • The status light is solid green but the printer will not print
    • It is likely there is a communication issue between your PC and the Zebra printer 
    • Restart your PC and try printing again 
  • Print preview shows images bleeding off the label edges.
    • Follow steps 2 and 3 above
    • Please make sure you are using Google Chrome. 

Downloadable Job Aid 

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