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Promotion Criteria and Benefits

In this article, we will walk you through the promotional criteria and benefits when creating a promotion. You must first setup the promotion's general settings page before proceeding to this step. Learn more about it here.

Things to know:

  • The Criteria section allows you to add as many requirements with eligible items as you would like for your promotion, while the Benefits section allows you to select the discount that will apply to the qualified items on the ticket.
  • The promotion requirement and promotion benefit do not have to be the same. For example, while creating a service promotion, the requirements may be services, while the benefits could be memberships, products, classes, packages, or gift cards.
  • Promotions are applied to the ticket's lowest priced item

Promotion Criteria 

When you set requirements for the promotion, certain criteria must be met before the promotion can be applied. By default, promo codes are automatically applied to all services and products. If you'd like the code to only apply to certain items or groups of items, you can choose a type from the Qualified Items section. 



  • Number of Qualified Items

    The minimal quantity from a basket of qualifying items that must be on the ticket in order for the promotion to be used is referred to as the number of qualified items. For example, if set to 2, at least two items must be added to the ticket for the promotion to be applied.

  • Number of Identical Qualified Items

    The minimal number of identical products from a basket of qualifying items that must be on the ticket in order for the promotion to be used is referred to as the "number of identical qualified items" (note: mixing and matching of different items from the list of qualified items would not count). For example, if set to 2, the promotion will only apply if two of the same item (service, product, etc.) are added to the ticket.

  • Value of Qualified Items

    The minimum monetary worth of items from a predetermined basket of eligible items on the ticket before the promotion may be used is referred to as the "value of qualified items." For example, if set to $100, the value of the item (service, product, etc.) added to the ticket must also be $100 for the promotion to apply. In POS, the value of qualified items promotion takes the total value of all the qualified items into account to determine if the ticket meets the requirements for the promotion. Promotions are then sorted and applied from larger to smaller, so the larger ones are applied first if qualified. 

Must Purchase

The quantity of items that must be purchased in order for the promotion to be applied. 

Qualified Items -


Promotion Benefits


Discount type - This determines whether the benefit should be a percentage, dollar amount, flat rate, or free.

Apply to - Choose whether the benefits should be applied to the above-mentioned promotion criteria or to other items                                        apply_to.png

  • Each Item in the Criteria
  • Different Qualified Items - This option allows you to provide benefits to items not set in the criteria 



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